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My friend's house (Школьные сочинения)

Some people live in flats, while others live in a self-owned house. Unfortunately, when people buy houses or flats, they may find some pluses and minuses in those places. Let us discuss them.

For now, my friend lives in a detached house situated on the outskirts of the town. His house is a two-storied brick building. Behind it, there is a backyard with some beautiful trees and flowers. In front of the house, there is a kindergarden: a lovely place where kids can spend their time playing. The place around the house is not crowded with high buildings and many stores that is why there are no noisy neighbours and traffic jam. Moreover, the fantastic scenery is one of the main pluses of living there.

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However, if there is a desire, you can grow up you own vegetables and produce your own food for sale or for yourself.

Undoubtedly, living in a house is a pleasure. My friend has a house of his own, though it is not spacious enough. Nevertheless, free space allows him to keep his car on his own territory, which is a more convenient thing than a parking lot near blocks of flats. In addition, I can note that he also can keep unnecessary things out of the house.

By the way, talking about rooms in this house I have to say that almost all rooms are furnished with good taste. On the ground floor of the house, there are three rooms: a kitchen, a sitting room and his study room. The kitchen is the main place of meetings because it has all necessary things such as a fridge with a freezer, an oven, a toaster and a dishwasher.

In a sitting room, you can see a sofa and a TV-set so you can rest there with all comfort. In the study, you can find all necessary things to study, such as books in the bookcase, a writing table and an armchair.

As you can see, the bedroom in this house is located upstairs. It is a spacious room with blue-grey curtains, which beautifully match the wallpaper of this room. In the middle of the room, there is a double bed with some nightstands to the right of it.

To sum it up, I have to say that this house has all modern conveniences such as electricity, running hot and cold water, gas, internet connection and so on. At the same time, the territory of this living area is not easy to clean up because there is no cleaning companies that is why you have to clean it up by yourself. However, living in such areas can be difficult for someone because there can be some problems with transportation system. For example, you can wait for the bus too long just because there is one or two buses riding your route. Obviously enough, the infrastructure in such region is imperfect: it lacks of schools and shops.

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