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Imagine that you are doing a project on what social networks are used by teenagers in Zetland for communication (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

ЕГЭ по английскому языку. Письменная часть. Раздел 4. Письменная речь. Задание 40

Modern teenagers actively use social networks to keep in touch with other people. Considering the large number of social networks allowing to communicate, it is interesting to know which of them the younger generation prefer. I am therefore currently working on a project aimed at establishing what social networks are used by teenagers in Zetland for communication. I have found a table with some relevant data on the issue and am ready to comment on that information.

The first remarkable feature of the statistics is that the rating is topped by almost equally popular Instagram and Snapchat with 33% and 32% of the respondents' votes respectively. The second peculiarity consists in the fact that such well-known sites as Facebook and Twitter constitute the bottom of the table, the former getting 5% and the latter – only 3%.

One more thing deserving attention is a huge popularity gap between the top-rated social network and that with the least points.

As we can see, Instagram is chosen by 33% of the teenagers polled, which means that it is 11 times more popular than Twitter (3%).

Although social media are generally a positive phenomenon, they have their own shortcomings. A possible problem connected with social media is that people often get addicted to them and start missing out on a lot of things happening in real life. This trouble could be overcome if governments created and spread educational materials designed to raise people's awareness of the potential threats of social networks.

In conclusion, I think that social networks are extremely important for modern teenagers. Young people use such platforms to communicate, have fun and find valuable information.

273 слова


therefore – поэтому

to top the rating – возглавлять рейтинг, занимать первую строчку рейтинга

to constitute – образовывать, формировать, составлять

a popularity gap – разница в популярности

top-rated – лидирующий, с самым высоким рейтингом

shortcomings – недостатки

to miss out on – упускать, пропускать

to overcome – преодолевать

to raise people's awareness of – повышать осведомлённость людей о


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