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Students should not be given homework (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The problem of homework has recently been a popular topic for discussion. While some people believe that homework is the worst part of school, others think that it is very important.

In my view, students should be given homework. There are several reasons to support my opinion. First of all, homework helps to learn material better than students who do not do homework. Apart from that, homework helps to develop useful personal qualities. for example, students become independent, responsible, hard-working and organized because they learn how to plan their time.

However, opponents of this view say that homework is useless because students often copy their homework themselves and it really helps them to understand what they are learning.

As already stated, I am convinced that homework is one of the most important part of studying at school, without homework students would not have learned to cope with tasks themselves.

After all, I want to say that quality of homework is the key to students` success.


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