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Примеры описание таблиц на английском (Школьные сочинения)

Table №1:

The table displays past (2003) and future (2025 and 2050) numbers of people in four countries. Overall, the data from the table demonstrates that Indonesia takes the lead in the competition and will maintain a high level of population growth until 2050. However, at the same time, Italy will become an underdog since its population is going to decrease.

To begin with, in 2003 Argentina had the smallest number of citizens being only 34 mln, while Indonesia was inhabited by 238 mln by exactly 7 times higher. However, there is a forecast that by 2050 that gap will shrink to approximately 5 times but will simultaneously widen more than in 6 times for Korea and 7 times for Italy being 52 mln and 45 mln correspondingly.

What stands out in that table is that regardless of multidirectional changes in millions of populations in the other states the

epublic of Korea will illustrate an unbelievable example of stability – the predictions go that the number of its citizens will equal 52 mln in 2025 and even in 2050 taking the third place of honor in our sample.

Table №2:

The table displays the vogue of various kinds of recreations between people aged 30 to 50 in a few countries.

Overall, the data from the table demonstrates that the majority of the people enjoy watching TV or reading in most of the cases, although these activities are generally not presented in European countries and Japan.

To begin, it seems that all TV fans moved to Canada, the USA, and Australia. The latter overtook them both by five points is by far the biggest number in the table ever reached equaling 65 votes. A closer inspection of the table affords to easily define the leader in a particular group. It can be seen that the wide disparity was in categories “Music”, “Sleep”, “Beaches” where the USA, England, and Canada seized leading positions making up 23, 20, and 30 unite correspondingly.

What stands out in this table is the general pattern of favoring reading and ignoring other presented activities in Japan. Furthermore, a thorough inspection of the data in the table reveals that other two Asian countries such as China and Korea identically consider reading most valuable yielding only two votes to the Japanese indicating 60 versus 62.


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