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What are the advantages and disadvantages of sending paper greeting cards for birthdays and Christmas? (Школьные сочинения)

Needless to say, each of us would like to relate our birthday parties and Christmas with wonder and something fairy. It is possible to achieve described effect by writing postcards to our darlings or people we highly value. This essay will suggest, which upsides paper greetings have followed by a discussion of some flaws connected to letter delivery that may occur.

Although giving handwriting for the holidays may sound old-fashioned, it still shows numerous positive sides. Primarily, given that creating a neat and appealing greeting card requires much time and effort, choosing that variant signs that a person sincerely cares about the receiver and want to support warm relationships. For instance, one woman from my mother's work beforehand learnt how to create a unique design of the postcard and imply a meaningful message in it, then she made sending the greeting card a family tradition.

That decision afforded to make all her relatives become more united and close since digital technologies drastically decreased mindful communication. Secondly, initially writing a real letter is considered a heart-to-heart endeavour with a romantic aureole around it, the content of the card valued multiply times more than a saying and sending one will make a person stands out due to the unique way of congratulating. For example, last Christmas my grandmother got the greeting postcard, which she will never forget, it was from her nephew in Vladivostok, he could just call or send an e-mail but chose that way and did it right reminding my grandmother of her childhood.

However, there are few drawbacks which are impossible to ignore, speaking about sending a postcard. The first one is the time needed for the letter to get to the destination point including procedures in the Post Office. Thus, the person to whom the greeting card is intended openly may simply not receive it on time, which will make the whole idea meaningless. Secondly, such an item is very fragile to any external damage, small and could be easily lost or the receiver will find it in an obscene form that will upset him/her and spoil the whole surprise. Unfortunately, my classmate relied on our Post and sent a letter to her mother - she never received it and was really angry when her son did not even call her due to hope on the reliance on postmen.

In brief, writing greeting cards for a person's loved ones or friend sounds good since that able to surprise a receiver and support tight connections but at the same time, the idea may totally fail down due to time limits and the lack of durability of the letter.


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