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1. Expand on characteristics that make a building iconic 2. Expand on the main tasks that architecture has (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


To begin with, today across the countries we will be managed to find only a few truly iconic buildings, because far not every construction has essential features to be considered so. Now I would like to share with you the few criteria, which will help a person to define and distinguish exemplary erection.

Primarily, the uniqueness of an edifice is the most critical one, meaning that nowhere else, except the current place of situation, you can find out the building, being of the similar size, architecture, epoch and using the same materials and adornments.

Initially, from Latin the word “iconic” means the thing that is the best example of a certain type of literature, building, and etc. Thus, it is just enough to look around in order to recognize iconic erections, the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum and the Taj Mahal are undoubtedly iconic due to their presence in a single copy on our Earth! The second sign is the ability of the construction to represent culture and the height of national achievements. For instance, the icon of the

ussian construction thought, St

asil's Church, in a concentrated form reflected the direction of the architecture of that time, the depth of the

ussian soul and the presence of elaborate technical devices to execute decorative works

In brief, a building could be recognized as iconic if both oneness and the ability to mirror contemporary society are its integral characteristics. Given that, suggested criteria are clear and immediately noticeable a person, familiar with them, will never again pose the question of whether the erection is iconic or not.


It goes without saying, there is always a certain meaning and purpose hidden in each thing in the sublunary world and, of course, it is not the exception for architecture - one of many human arts and science of designing buildings and structures. Now I would like to tell you, purely from my point of view, which functions it serves for.

First of all, architecture’s challenge is to face the needs of the population and satisfy them in the most appropriate and reasonable form. For instance, the rediscovery of quick-and-easy-to-handle reinforced concrete after WW-II and an improved ability to prefabricate building sections afford the developers to meet the budgets of the middle and lower classes and satisfy deferred housing demand. The second task is to reflect the scientific and technological achievements of the age, celebrating engineering accomplishments by openly parading the sophisticated techniques used in construction. For example, the erections of High Tech style are commonly made of metal and glass, like Stansted airport or Lloyd’s building in London but working with these materials initially means the use of breakthrough manufacturing and designing methods.

In a nutshell, architecture like any thing in our world could serve many purposes but the main tasks of that art are to meet the demand for shelter, cozy and safe, and hold the mirror up to the contemporary society. A person armed with the given knowledge will easily answer what architecture exists for if somebody asks him/her.


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