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Exams motivate students to study harder / Sport unites people (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Exams accompany us throughout our lives. We encounter them at school, at university, and work. School exams are thought to be the most stressful as they can influence one's future. Some people are sure that exams encourage students to do their best in studying, while others think that the inevitability of exams cannot stimulate anyone to study harder.

In my opinion, exams really motivate students to learn with more effort. Firstly, the realization of the fact that good results will provide you with a place in desirable university makes you study more, while bad scores can cause a lot of problems in the future. Secondly, school exams demonstrate the level of knowledge one has got. So if the exams are failed, it will be a great shame for a student.

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This fact induces pupils to learn harder.

However, there is another point of view on this issue. Some people suppose that exams do not stimulate students to study harder, claiming that a wish for knowledge and good marks forms in one's mind due to the parents' pressure.

To a certain extent, it is true, but we should not forget that parents force their children to study harder in order to help them pass exams with flying colours. The exams are a kind of employment of obtained knowledge, so testing makes sense in getting it.

To sum up, it has become clear that the exams are a good stimulator for students to study hard because it is a procedure when one can demonstrate his or her level of knowledge and provide yourself with future university education.

Sport has been an important part of humans’ life throughout the centuries. However, the role of it in the community is still controversial. Some people are sure that sport makes folk come together, while others suppose that it disorders society.

I believe that sport greatly contributes to humans’ unity. Firstly, people come together for watching public games at stadiums, courses, or fields. While the game is going, they are enthusiastic about the process. This feeling unites people, making them the coherent whole. Secondly, participating in different sports really integrates numerous people. Playing in team games implies communicating and cooperating with other players. Even individual sports include relationships with couches and contenders.

However, not all people share my point of view. They say that sport disorganizes society and cause conflicts. Their argument for this opinion is that fans of opposing football teams can clash with each other.

To a certain extent it is true, but we should not forget that a conflict is a kind of unity too, as members of it come together to sort things out. Furthermore, there are numerous examples of the positive integration of people, based on sports games. And not only can sport spark conflicts, but also people preferences can be a reason for that.

To sum everything up, it is becoming clear that sport is a way of uniting people of all ages, genders, or nationalities due to the dedication to the game or a kind of sports.

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