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Children study worse without computers + Letter (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays computers have become an essential part of our usual life. Humanity uses this great invention to provide bank transactions, explore space and get necessary data immediately. Our society badly depends on computers, so many psychologists argue: “Do children study worse without computers or not?”

In my opinion, if the child has no computer, his results may go down. Firstly, modern education requires doing presentations, simple programming which is impossible to make without a computer. Secondly, the student can improve his/her results eliminating void in one’s knowledge rapidly and without monstrous efforts by using the computer. Finally, PC helps us connect with school teachers and other educators constantly to avoid misunderstanding in doing homework.

However, there is another group of people, believing that children’ results do not depend on the PC.

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According to them, the success of studying relates to personal abilities and skills, while tools he/she may use do not determine one’s results.

esides, the computer is just an annoying distraction, children strive to play online games or surf the WE

instead of studying. If parents eliminate the key distraction, they should even improve a child’s results.

I respect another point of view, but I still consider that children lose their high results without computers. It is a tool you need to have if you want to have no difficulties during studying, which will affect your grades. Also, modern schools require learning a lot of data which is impossible to learn successfully without using the PC.

To conclude, one’s results are tightly linked with the tools he/she uses to make the necessary stuff done. So, without PC children definitely will lessen their effectiveness, they need to operate with a big amount of information.

Dear Alice,

Thanks for your recent letter. I was glad to hear some news from you.

As for me, household chores in my family are understood as common duties for everyone. My parents think that they should be done without any money or reward. So, I just can’t receive money from doing housework, however, I can simply get them if I ask my parents about that and explain why I need money badly. In general, I usually spend money on reasonable purchases such as books about self-development or electronic gadgets, which can make my studying and researching faster and more productive. My parents respect my decisions and ready to give me the necessary money because they see I need money for buying things bringing value in my life.

y the way, what about you? Had you planned this event in advance? Was it suitable weather for going outside? How many girls and boys were among your friends?

I’m sorry, now I need to help my parents. Write soon!

est wishes,


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