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What is more important — work or family / Что важнее — работа или семья (Школьные сочинения)

These days, it is increasingly difficult for people to choose what is an indicator of success for them in life - a good job or a large family. You can set your priorities correctly if you understand yourself.


Work helps a person realize their potential and desire to become successful, lead or implement their ideas. A well-chosen profession and field of activity allows an individual to grow as a professional and as a person, get a good salary and enjoy their favorite job.

If you do not pay due attention to your career, you can end up being unemployed and end up very badly.

Thanks to a good job, a person can achieve financial well-being. If the work is well paid, the individual can live with dignity, provide for their loved ones, travel, buy everything necessary for life, and even more.

However, when building a career, you need to measure your capabilities. Some people work almost all day long. A person who does not know how to distract from work and relax is called a workaholic.

It is good when an individual gets pleasure from work, but also in work it is necessary to observe a measure. Since overwork can cause major health problems.


Without a family, a person can feel lonely and unhappy. Some people only dream of having a loved one around. Sometimes an individual has all the visible signs of well-being: money, an apartment, a car.

ut he does not feel satisfied because he is alone.

Some guys and girls are in no hurry to start a family. They want to build a career first. Having achieved some success, they begin to engage in personal life and realize that they missed some point. Friends of the same age already have families and children, and the careerist still can not find a worthy couple.

This problem is especially true for women who seek to conquer the career ladder and do not engage in their personal lives at all. They risk missing the age at which to have children, and then bitterly regret that they can not create a full-fledged family.

You need to cherish your family. Some people realize this too late. They get lost in their work, or think only of themselves, and then discover that they have lost a loved one or are estranged from their own children.


Thus, we can conclude that both family and work are important parts of a person's life. The absence of a job or family in a person's life can negatively affect the psyche and health of a person.

ecause of this, it is necessary to find a compromise between work and family.


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