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Playing videogames is waste of time (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

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Оценка эксперта внизу

Some people claim videogames being a thorough waste of your precious time. Others, however, say it is not a misuse of it. Now I would like to express my opinion regarding this issue.

As far as I am concerned, videogames are an entertaining way of spending some spare time. Firstly, they can be determined as a great tool to relax on a stressful day. Secondly, videogames challenge you to act in an unexpectedly swift way seeing that they are usually action games.

Nevertheless, people assert that this recreation activity has been concerning parents and adults overall as children and teenagers sacrifice all their time and effort playing for hours, if not days. Moreover, they believe it has been scientifically proven that it is easy to get affected by videogames and start to depend upon them in an unhealthy, addictive way.

These arguments do not convince me whatsoever. Be it a parent’s concern or a teacher’s one, it depends on how seriously the person takes playing their consoles. Many people take this activity as a way to turn off their always-working mind for a moment and relish some challenges offered by the game. Besides, on the contrary to the second argument, it has been investigated and deduced that a mentally healthy person that is in charge of his actions is capable of managing the playing time with sobriety and shrewdness.

All in all, I would say that people should stop being concerned too much about the harm of videogames. Instead, it would be better to control yourself when playing and take account of the time spent on such thing as videogames.

Оценка эксперта:

К1 (решение коммуникативной задачи) – 3 балла

Задача успешно решена.

К2 (организация текста) – 3 балла

Текст организован правильно.

К3 (лексика) – 2 балла

В сочинении использована сложная лексика, при этом количество ошибок минимально.

1) they can be determined as – they can be defined as;

2) on the contrary to the second argumentcontrary to the second argument.

К4 (грамматика) – 2 балла

1) claim videogames being a – claim video games to be a;

2) in charge of his actions – in charge of his or her actions / in charge of their actions;

3) spent on such thing as – spent on such a thing as.

К5 (орфография и пунктуация) – 2 балла

videogamevideo game.

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