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Every city and every town should have a zoo // Playing videogames is a complete waste of time (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Zoos have been existing for a long time. People have always been interested in different animals and their lifestyle. Zoo is a great opportunity to see exotic and unusual species without traveling around the world.

ut more and more people worry about conditions in which animals are forced to live. I want to discuss it and decide if zoos should be in every city or not.

In my opinion, we should close zoos instead of opening new ones because these places are very cruel to animals.

Firstly, animals are kept in a habit which is very different from their natural one. They live in small cages and don’t have opportunity to lead their lifestyle. Animals become depressed and sad because they don’t know what to do without their freedom. Secondly, there has been many examples of cruelty in zoos. Many visitors break the rules and hurt animals by throwing things at them.

Moreover, zookeepers can be brutal too. They can hit animals and stay unpunished.

On the other hand, many people think that zoos should be even more common because for many it is the only chance to see these animals. Some people don’t have money to travel but they children want to see their favorite animals.

In Defence of my opinion, we live in a modern word where people can use technology to see different animals. There are even virtual reality glasses that can completely mimic the sense of being close to a real animal.

In conclusion, zoos shouldn’t be in every city because there are much better ways to safe animals. Natural reserves are harmless to animals unlike zoos

Video games are getting more and more popular every year. People enjoy playing them and spend enormous amount of time on their computers.

ut there is a large group of people who think that video games are pointless and even dangerous. Let’s discuss it and see if video games are actually bad or good for people.

In my opinion, playing video games is a waste of time because they make people addicted to them. Firstly, people who play them spend so much time doing it that it can harm their real life. There are many students who fail their classes because they have spent all their free time on games instead of studying. Secondly, video games promote violence. The most famous games include shooting, fighting or breaking laws. People especially children are becoming more aggressive after playing them.

On the other hand, video games have some advantages that can be useful. People can find new friends while they play online games. It’s a great opportunity for those who don’t have any friends in real life. Moreover, people can gain beneficial skills from playing video games. They can improve their logic and reaction.

In Defence of my opinion, video games cause a negative affect on health. People spend time in front of their computers and their eyesight becomes worse.

In conclusion, people should spend more time with their friends and relatives instead of wasting their life on video games.


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