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Favorite book (Школьные сочинения)

Orwell's novel "1984" is unusual in that it is written about the past, present and future at the same time. Each reader can count in their own way. What is not disputed is that it describes the lives of people living in a system of absolute totalitarianism. At the same time, it is essential that the author looks not only at the structure of the state apparatus. The focus is on the life of a frequent face-Winston Smith.

The novel gives a fairly detailed description of the ministries that support the closed existence of the country and its inhabitants: the Ministry of peace, truth, abundance and love. These state organizations control all spheres of life, monitor not only the present, but also adjust history depending on the current foreign policy situation. They control the entire personal life of their people. However, oddly enough, the desire for complete subordination of the population does not protect the state from the presence of free-thinking people who want to change the political system and their private lives as well.

One of these people is Winston. He finds true love, which is also, of course, forbidden. Together with their beloved, they try to join the opposition society, but soon find themselves in the hands of the government.

The most terrible moment in the novel is the conclusion of the main character. The terrible moment is not so much the fact that Winston and his beloved were deprived of their freedom, but the punishment intended for them. They were not jailed or sentenced to death, as one might think. They were given a much harsher fate. By tortures, physical and, what is even more terrible, psychological influences, the characters were forced to admit the wrongness of their views and sincerely renounce them. It seems impossible. But nothing is impossible.

Orwell not only portrays a bloodthirsty world of total control over the personal lives of the people, but, what is more terrible, he shows a society in which even the thoughts of citizens are monitored. Although, if you think about it, people who do not have their own desires, feelings and thoughts, blindly obeying the will of the ruler, can only be called beings.


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