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Browsing the Web is harmful to youngsters (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There is no doubt that the Internet has both negative and positive influence on teenagers. Nevertheless, some people claim that it does a big deal of harm to those youngsters who browse the Web, while others hold an opposite view.

In my judgement, browsing the Web is harmful to adolescents indeed and it has much more disadvantages than positive aspects. To begin with, browsing makes young people pay less attention to their school homework. The reason of this is quite clear: instead of using books and other paper materials while studying, they tend to use various Internet resources to get their work done quickly and, most importantly, without focusing on it too hard. It should be noted that doing so is damaging to the ability of developing their thinking and staying concentrated in a certain task.

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In addition to this, according to the statistics, more and more teenagers are suffering from the addiction of browsing and researchers found the best way to prove it- experimentally. The one who they took a smartphone and computer from for a certain period of time ended up in the mental hospital in a few days. These experiments were performed throughout the world and the results were the same. It turned out that browsing the Web may lead to some serious psychological problems and illnesses.

On the other hand, there are individuals who choose to believe that browsing does not do any harm to teenagers at all. They claim that using Internet resources contributes young people in many ways and provides them with any information they are in need of. In other words, it is much more productive to browse the Web while, for instance, studying.

I strongly disagree with the above mentioned statement. I do not think that Internet Web-sites are more informative than, for example, books. And when it comes to studying process, it should be said that sitting in front of a computer makes you tired faster than searching for the information needed in paper materials.

To conclude, I still believe that browsing the Web is very harmful to youngsters. It may make teenagers care less about their homework as well as cause different health problems.

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