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Comics should be taught at literature classes (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Comics have become one of the most entertaining thing with teenagers. Some people claim that it is crucial to teach comics at literature lessons, while others argue that it is useless to study comics at school.

I strongly believe that children should learn comics at school. Firstly, the biggest comics companies establish large number of stories where good triumphs over the evil annually. Reading such plots will lead pupils to do kind things and prevent from committing bad ones. Secondly, children prefer to read comics rather than other literary genre due to brave and bold characters with incredible superpower and colorful pages with wonderful drawing. If comics are allowed, pupils would be very happy to go to school and study literature.

However, some people think that comics should not be taught at school.

They are sure that books must develop imagination of a child but comics do not do it and as a consequence children cannot read without looking at an image of action.

I cannot agree with the above idea. As far as I am concerned, comics enhance imagination. It happens because this happens because the stories have a lot of characters, and the story constantly moves from one storyline to another, leaving the opportunity to reflect on what is happening with other heroes.

Taking everything into consideration, there are two opposing points of view on issue of studying comics and school. As I see it, comics should be included in the school curriculum.


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