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Exams is the way to study harder; Classmates are the best friends (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In modern world the education is very important for many people. During the studyings students should pass the exams. The issue of exams has always aroused strong emotions and hot debates. Some thinks that it helps students to study harder.

First of all, exams determine where the student will study in the future, therefore students strive to pass them as well as they can. For example, in Russia to enter a certain university, that will prepare for a specific profession, students must have the necessary exams for admission. If pupil does not study hard, he will fail the exams

and cannot enter a university, so he will be looser. Also, preparing to exams is so difficult.

Students are spending most of their free time studying. The amount of the material is huge, therefore responsible students cannot learn slipshod.

However, for some people exams are not important. This people will go to work without studying in the university, so they don't have to pas the exams or tests. As for me, I cannot completely agree with opposing opinion, because today every person needs education to succeed or work in a prestigious place. Only university can provide higher education.

All in all, we live in developing world where education is an important part in the life of any person. Nowadays exams force students to study harder.

All people live in the society. There they make friends or enemies. The issue of relationship has always aroused strong emotions and hot debates. Some thinks that school classmates make the best friends.

First of all, a pupil spends a lot of time with his classmates, therefore they can become friends. For example, you can become friends when your class and you go at a trip. Also, classmates have common problems and goals. For instance, they can do together a lot of homework, tests and projects. So, it will promote friendly relations.

However, some thinks that classmates can’t become best friends, because, in their opinion, that kind of friendship can be only if it is beneficial for both members. That is to say people are friends just when they need it. It turns out that people use each other.

As for me, I cannot completely agree with opposing opinion, because if you sort out people, you are at once understand which man you deal with. In this case you will not be disappointed in the future.

All in all, will a classmate become your friend or not depends on many factors. A Classmate can be understanding, reliable and a good friend.


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