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Many people would prefer to work from home пример 2 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Where is it better to work? Some people believe that it is more convenient to work from home, while others claim that telecommuting has more negatives effects on the society than positive ones.

In my opinion, working from home is more beneficial and efficient for employees. Firstly, teleworking helps people to save their time. They do not need to waste it on commuting as they have opportunity to work from any location. Moreover, a worker can organize his schedule himself and he will not depend on others. Secondly, teleworking is cost-saving as firms can utilize people working from home. Thus, employers do not need to pay for electricity, utilities and lightening.

However, there is another opinion. The opponents of the above view are convinced that telecommuting affects employees negatively. They say that people who working from home are less productive as they can be distracted by family members or household chores.

Besides, they can lose track of time and fail to do the work on time.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with the above arguments. I strongly believe that it is possible for people to manage their time properly to balance work, house chores and leisure. Moreover, there are a lot of special programs, with the help of which people can make up the timetable and do not forget about important things they have to do.

Summing it up, I am firmly convinced that working from home has plenty of advantages and the society will benefit from it. It enables people to concentrate on work and not waste their time.

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