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Many people would prefer to work from home (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

These days, people have different opinions about a work place. Some claim that work from home is the best decision, while others say people should work away from their homes.

In my opinion, working at home is a better option than working in an office. To start with, an employee has flextime and can arrange his work schedule at his convenience instead of sticking by the timeline. Additionally, a home-worker does not need to adapt to his colleagues who can be conflict or mean. He acts independently as distinct from working in a team, which may be difficult for some people.

Nevertheless, there is another opinion. Some think that a work at home is not reliable in contrast to an office work and other kinds of occupation out of a living place.

If people do not go to their work place, they will not have a paid vacation and sometimes a regular salary.

I cannot agree with this opinion because a stability of working away from home can turn out to be unpleasant for employee. A home-worker do an employer’s order and he can rest or do another job, considering that he gets a salary for completing the order. In the office a worker has not this freedom.

To sum up, I think working from home is better compared with work from an office because it is more comfortable and can give to a worker the latitude of his actions.

I hope that my point of view is understandable for everybody who has read this text. Thank you for yor attention here are some other my works.

Hope, that my essee helped you with your exams)

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