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НА ТЕМУ : моя будущая профессия (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

How pleasant it is to recall childhood: walks in the park with parents, trips to the sea, children's friends and much more. Unfortunately, childhood flies like one moment and now, you are already a schoolboy who has years of study ahead of him and the most important choice in life is the choice of a profession, then parents, friends, school psychologists with various programs for self-determination, ratings of the profession come to help, but the most important thing is your own vision of yourself in this or that profession.

The desire to become an expert in any field is a pledge not only of a successful career, but also the psychological comfort of the person himself, as in the morning you go to your favorite job, not to hard labor. But there are millions of such examples: he went to study for the company, the parents insisted or simply had a small competition, but whatever it was and here we have always dissatisfied, incompetent employees, and it's good if it's just a manager, not a doctor, on which human life depends .

In my opinion, the most important landmark in this difficult business is your own feelings, if you like mathematics and computers, then why go to dentistry, and if you do not like noisy companies and the child is not very sociable, is it worth tying him work related to everyday communication?

Modern realities are such that now the choice of their professional activities must be correlated with the labor market.

Analysis of the ranking of professions is needed in order to adjust the field of development in this or that area, and in the future to decide on the choice of the institute. Everybody knows that lawyers and economists are not as demanded a profession as they were 10 years ago, they need engineers, agricultural workers, doctors, teachers, so the decision on choosing a profession needs to be taken on the basis of data from the labor exchange. If you want to develop in the field of education, it is worthwhile to see which specialists are in demand and pay attention to this profession, so that in the future it is easy to find work.

Choice of profession is a multifaceted and complex question, one can not answer in one minute what you want to become, as in childhood. The combination of many factors should determine the future profession, namely: the desire to develop in this profession, the availability of educational institutions that can provide the knowledge and skills necessary for the chosen profession, understanding the essence of the profession and the correlation of their personal and professional qualities, family support is equally important. In any case, no matter what profession a schoolboy chooses, the most important is that he himself likes what he does.

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