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моя будущая профессия пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Calling is a favorite thing that you dedicate to your whole life and as a result you do it professionally. Each person has his or her own vocation: for someone it is medicine or business, someone is good as a teacher, and someone is a fine actor. To find your favorite thing you need to try, because it's not so easy.

Since childhood we are taught to dream. Someone used to want to become an astronaut, and someone wanted to become president. But over time, children understand that we need to look for more mundane dreams, and start thinking about the career of a lawyer, a doctor, a businessman or somebody else. For example, in my childhood I dreamed of being a singer, but then I realized that I did not have a voice. So, a wonderful thought occurred to me: I wanted to become an architect.

From the very childhood, I loved drawing.

I liked to imagine something in my imagination and put it on paper. At first they were intricate animals, then people, and already at a conscious age I moved to houses. I always did well, in the figure everything looked realistic and beautiful. So I had an idea about an architectural institute. I liked drawing, and I had no special problems with physics and geometry. The architect seemed to me a person who equips the city, builds buildings and houses. For me it was like the eighth wonder of the world.

In the eleventh grade, I firmly decided to become an architect. One thought that in the house that was built on my drawing, hundreds of people will live, bewitch. This is without mentioning my dream of creating something that would stand for centuries, centuries. What everyone admired, that would amaze the minds of people and their idea of &񗜻&񗜻the world. My desire to create works of art, could be envied.

It seems to me that for the profession that I chose, you need imagination, accuracy, assiduity and spatial imagination. For a long time I developed these qualities in myself, trained my imagination and ability to draw, so I think that I am ready for architecture. I hope, someday it will become not just my craft, but a vocation.

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