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НА ТЕМУ : моя будущая профессия 2 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Every person is a social being. Therefore, in order to receive at least some kind of pension in old age, it is necessary to work. And choose a profession so that it brings not only money, but also pleasure. The choice must be approached with all seriousness of the matter.

Children, associating themselves with adults, "try on" their profession. Girls are very often teachers, doctors, sellers. Now almost everyone wants to be models. Modern boys no longer want to be cosmonauts and captains. Now other priorities. Everyone wants to be programmers,

lawyers, financiers, bankers. Quite worthy profession. Recently, the number of young people and even girls who want to link their lives with security forces has increased.

In Soviet times, it was prestigious to work in one company with whole families.

So there were labor dynasties. About them filmed feature films. It was honorable and prestigious to work all through life at one enterprise. Those people who frequently changed jobs were called "flyers". Although Americans believe that such people are "stuck" in their development.

How to choose your profession? It is possible to address to psychologists. With the help of scientific tests, they will determine the list of professions for a particular person. You can read horoscopes. They also write a list of professions for each astrological sign. There is some kind of rational grain in this.

You can refer to parents, other close relatives or teachers. They watch the children, they notice that they like it better. But it happens in life and so that the parents, fearing for the child or not believing in his strength, offer him to choose the same profession as they do. And the child, in order not to offend them, agrees with their choice. And he dreams of another profession.

Do not "crush" the child, cut the wings of his dream. Let him choose where and by whom he will work. Let him try, even makes mistakes. But let it be his choice. So that later I did not go to work as a hard labor, and did not count the minutes until the end of the working day. Work should bring pleasure, that it would be desirable to go on it, as on a holiday. From unloved work, people develop somatic diseases.

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