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How a man manifests himself in extreme situations is the question posed in the text by V. Konetsky. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

How a man manifests himself in extreme situations is the question posed in the text by V. Konetsky.

In this text, the hero-narrator of the author tells how a naval officer together with his crew died on a submarine. The narrator admires his friend: after all, in a difficult situation, he did not lose heart. When it became clear that no one would survive, Slava continued to joke and tried to support his comrades (sentence 31).

When the boat was lifted, the senior assistant was found on the lowest step of the ladder to the exit hatch. His subordinates were in front of him. He fulfilled his duty as a naval officer until the very end: "If they managed to leave the boat, he would be the last." That's how real people behave in an extreme situation!

The position of the author is easy to determine. A brave person, being in a difficult life situation, behaves like a hero: takes responsibility for himself, supports his comrades, tries to joke, thereby showing strength of spirit and courage.

I can not disagree with the opinion of the writer. Indeed, a man of courage in an extreme situation does not allow himself to get lost, he does not think about himself, but about other people. This was repeatedly told by Russian classics.

Thus, in the novel by Boris Polevoy "The Story of a Real Man", the writer tells how Alexei Meresiev showed himself during the Great Patriotic War. When his plane was hit, he crawled for 18 days through the woods, in the snow, crawling to his own! 18 days of courage and pain! The Soviet pilot did not give up, overcame all difficulties in his path and emerged victorious!

In the story of Daniil Granin "Claudia Vilor" the author tells about the fate of the heroine during the war. A political woman in difficult situations, even for men, showed herself as a true officer. She, along with her fellow soldiers, carried out all orders, not giving herself any indulgence. Severe tests that fell on the share of Claudia Vilor, could not break the brave woman!

Thus, in severe life situations, a strong person manifests himself as a true hero.

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