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On what the relationship between man and dog should be built is the question that worries Y. Kazakova. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

On what the relationship between man and dog should be built is the question that worries Y. Kazakova.

The author, talking about the blind dog, does not express his opinion openly about the former owners of the dog, but the description of the dog, scraps of rope around his neck, fear in the eyes of the animal sounds like a sentence to her former owners. At the same time, the doctor, who regretted the blind dog, fed and gave her shelter, causes both the author and the readers a sense of respect.

In the final lines of the text, which tells about the happy days of Arcturus, there is so much admiration that you understand how a person should be responsible to those who have tamed and what portion of love he receives for this in return.

The author's position is not difficult to determine. Yu Kazakov believes that the relationship between man and animals must be built on responsibility. Only in this case it is possible to achieve mutual understanding with the animal.

It is difficult to disagree with the author's opinion: television and radio daily tell of the difficult fate of stray animals, because of the people who lost their homes.

The widely known story of Gabriel Troepolsky about a dog, intelligent, good setter Bima, and about the people, kind and evil, whom Bim meets. The author passionately defends all life on Earth, speaks about the great responsibility of man to nature. The writer is sure that the dog will never betray its master and will be true to it, no matter what happens. The fate of Beam, the hero of the story "White Bim Black Ear", is a clear testimony to that.

Last year, animal advocates wrote a petition titled "Let the tamed animal bear responsibility for it until the end!" And sent it to the President of the Russian Federation. For today more than two thousand people have signed their signatures. This indicates that the issue remains relevant.

Thus, they can conclude that the relationship between man and animal should be built on a sense of responsibility for the destiny of the tamed living creature.

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