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Should a man resist evil - that's the question that FA Sokolova is talking about. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Should a man resist evil - that's the question that FA Sokolova is talking about.

The author describes a specific situation in the life of the orphanage, when the young teacher forced the clerk, for which it already became commonplace - "to take home a bucket of stolen sugar", to return the stolen goods, while her colleagues, who understood perfectly well that stealing was taking place before their eyes, showing indifference, were silent ...

The position of a teacher is not difficult to define: F.А. Sokolova believes that a person is obliged not to remain silent, but to fight against crimes.

I share the author's point of view: teachers showed indifference and indifference (this is also evil, which is akin to complicity in an offense), but did not all come out against the theft of the "unclean" in the hand of the manager.

A similar problem was repeatedly raised in their works by classics and publicists.

Thus, in the novel by A.Chekhov "Chamber No. 6", the action takes place in a wretched wing, enclosed by a "gray hospital fence with nails, " in a room "disfigured with iron bars." In the center of the story - a representative of the intelligentsia, Dr. Ragin - "a wonderful man of his kind." He is remarkable because he is able to see the evil and injustice of the world in which he lives. But readers are struck by the passivity and indifference of the doctor. In the hospital, which he heads, there are crimes: the sick are starving, infected with diseases, beaten; especially the awful position of the mentally ill prisoners in ward No. 6. And all this is because Ragin is indifferent to all disgraces.

On the Internet, on one of the blocks, I read about Bruno Jasenski, a remarkable Polish and Russian writer who was shot in the thirty-eighth year. In his novel The Conspiracy of the Indifferent, he wrote very correct words: "... be afraid of the indifferent - only with their tacit consent there are betrayals and murders on Earth." In my opinion, it is better not to say!

Thus, I can conclude that each of us must resist evil.

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