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What is friendship? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What is friendship? Each person understands its importance in life in its own way: for some it is understanding, for others it is an opportunity to spend free time fascinatingly and unforgettably. For me, friendship is, above all, a sense of support for a loved one and a strong certainty that he will come to the rescue in a difficult moment. A real friend does not know how to envy, offend or cause pain: for him social status is not important, he is close to you in spirit and understands with a half-word.

It is not necessary that a true friend agree with your any point of view: it is much more valuable that he supports you, even if he does not agree with your views on life. A true friend can criticize, but never lie out of flattery and knowingly not humiliate. The secrets that you share with a friend are only between the two of you, and this is appreciated and the sincerity of the true attitude towards you is checked.

Friendship is not subject to time, and emotions in communicating with a friend do not change: even many years later people have common themes for conversations, timid memories and common values &񗜻&񗜻in life.

A friend is able to forgive you not only for minor missteps, but also for serious mistakes and will never be reproached with perfect mistakes. A true friend is the person with whom you will never be bored, and who will not let you be bored.

And in joy and in sorrow, there must be only a loyal and faithful friend with us. But is it possible in a modern world, full of temptations and temptations, to genuinely experience real friendship?

In my opinion, friendship is the only feeling that can not be prejudiced: it does not tolerate lies and masks. With a real friend, a person does not have the need to hide his character traits, possible shortcomings and impersonate someone who in fact is not.

It seems to me that our generation misunderstands the truth of true friendship. Many of my peers are called friends of people who are known for a short time, which they can not yet trust, but already call them almost brothers and sisters. Friendship is tested not only for years, but also for trials that a person encounters throughout his life.

The main principle of friendly relations is loyalty. Trust only strengthens friendship, and the certainty that a person will not betray you will support - proof of true friendship.

It is important to understand that a friend is not an ideal person: he can make mistakes and ridiculous acts. The main thing is that a friend knows how to not only forgive, but also not to conceal evil.

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