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Modern TV series are better than blockbuster films.  (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays there is an opinion that blockbusters are worse than modern serials. Whereas others disagree and think that movies are much better than TV series.


From my point of view, modern TV series are better than blockbuster films. First of all, serials can tell the whole story and do it in more detailes than films which are limited with time. Secondly, everyone can do another activity while watching TV series because they do not carry any brain loads. Finally, modern movies are quite boring and people can predict every step of characters whereas TV series surprise every time. 

However, some people hold a different opinion. They are sure that modern TV series are not so excited as blockbuster films because serials are just a waste of time. People can spend all day watching series and they forget about important things such as family and friends.

Moreover, movies have more high-quality images and special effects because of better sponsoring. dynamic


Yet I cannot agree with them because modern serials do not so hypnotise how it seems. On the contrary, everyone can control consumption of series and family members can find the serial which they can watch together. Then, serials do not need a big budget to make a quality product.


In conclusion, though some people believe that blockbusters are better than serials, I strongly believe that TV series are more exciting because they have more interesting plots.


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