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Russian is the most difficult language to learn (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, there is an opinion that Russian is the hardest language for studying. Whereas others disagree and think that one of the easiest language to learn is Russian.

From my point of view, Russian is the most difficult language to learn. First of all, Russian has the most difficult punctuation rules because one comma can change the meaning of sentences. Secondly, in Russia there are many sounds which foreigners cannot pronounce or do it with a lot of effort. Finally, it is difficult to remember all grammars Russian rules, such as, six cases which change the structure of words.

However, others hold a different opinion. They are sure that Russian is not so hard for studying how does it look because in Russian verbs are used only in three time tenses whereas in English there are tenses plus their kinds.

Then, in Russian words in sentences can have any places and it is not grammar mistake.

Yet I cannot agree with them because one of the hardest language to learn is Russia because verbs do not have only three tenses, they have perfective and imperfective types which are confused by foreigners. Moreover, changing words to places is not mistake but this influence in meaning of the sentence.

In conclusion, though some people believe that it is not hard to learn Russian, I strongly believe that Russian is not the easiest language because there are a lot of grammatical nuances.


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