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39 и 40 Some people think that studying Russian is easier to learn than English (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nizhny Novgorod



Dear Nancy,

Thanks for your recent letter. I was glad to hear some news from you.

As for our region, we have a significant problem with rubbish lying around our local lake. There’re numerous beer bins, used plastic bags, etc. Fortunately, our school try to change this terrible situation. Each month pupils and teachers go to the lake to collect all rubbish around, although many people continue to throw it there. After cleaning our school give wastes to a special organization for recycling. I consider that it’s a great way to eliminate rubbish and at the same time save limited resources.

By the way, what about you? Are you going to visit the shopping centre alone or with someone? How many brand stores in the centre? Is it close to your home or not?

I'm sorry, now I need to help my parents.

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Write soon!

Best wishes,


Nowadays learning a foreign language has become very popular due to a lot of opportunities it gives us. But human wants to study what requires less effort, that’s why people are arguing: “Is Russian simpler to learn than English or not?”

In my opinion, English is less difficult for learning. Firstly, it has a clear and strict system of rules, which exactly define what is right or wrong, while in Russian many rules are conditional what may confuse the beginner. Secondly, to start speaking in English you should acquire less vocabulary than in Russian, therefore, you will spend less time memorizing words. Finally, the English language has obvious constructions for building sentences, when Russian allows you to rearrange words in any order making it confusing for the right understanding.

However, there is another group of people believing that Russian is easier to learn. Each verb in it exactly points out what you do or feel, when in English many words have not straight meaning and can mislead learner made studying frustrating. Besides, sounds in Russian are simpler, while in English you should do your best to pronounce major of them.

Nevertheless, I consider that English is more comfortable to learn. When you memorize new words, it is useless to always reveal their roots. You must just learn them by heart. In addition, pronunciation in English has its plain rules, once you will learn them you will never have the problem with it.

To conclude, I am sure that English easier to learn than Russian. But easy does not define language as miserable, it is still beautiful, consisted of gorgeous words to express speaker’s thoughts.

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