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Make your team working effective (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Mixing roles in your team correctly performs as one of the main keys to the success of your company. However, it is not the only one thing that can bring your business to ruin. Abe Collins opened his business using fair-trade principle in Central Africa and having a poor team content. This led to non-compliance with deadlines and budget. The essay will first demonstrate main roles in the team and then some causes of disfunctions in groups.

Actually, there are 6 main roles team needs most to be successful. The first one is a good leader, who provides successive and consistent work. Some of the skills of leader are inherent in “shaper” – a person, who forms, coordinates ideas and makes them look practical. Team should contain an innovator, who will bring new ideas and invent something new, and an adaptor, who will make changes to these ideas (and, also, to old ones) so that they can be performed.

Also, there should be a “plant” – in other words an expert, and team workers, who promotes team harmony and bring ideas to life. It should be noted that people in real life usually combine 2 or 3 roles. For instance, “shaper” is usually a good leader. Moreover, to bring your business to success you should have 2 types of workers in your team: creative problem solvers and goal-oriented workers. It is really difficult to have a productive work if you have only people, who think only creatively, without paying attention to the goal, and vice versa. So, it can be said, that mixing roles – is one of the key elements of your team success.

However, not only a failed set of roles in a team can lead to discord in it and to the failure of business. It has already been mentioned before that it is very important to have a right number of goal-oriented members and creatives. An imbalance between practice and creativity may greatly influence on your business in a negative way. What’s more, if you group is over-dominated by strong team members, there will be a big number of quarrels, that could ultimately lead to a crash of your business. Another point is a lack of sufficient technical expertise, which, of course, can not only slow down the work, but also completely destroy it. Besides, having poor leadership, planning and financial support unconditionally will affect the work of the group and the organization in a negative way.

To conclude, the essay has touched on the right set of roles in the team and various problems in the group that can lead to serious negative consequences. The right content of your team greatly influences on the hole success of your business, so it is substantially to take the selection of group members seriously.


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