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Modern teenagers are worse than the previous generation (Школьные сочинения)

I don’t afraid to assume that there is hardly a person of my age who has never been told that teens of the past were better in every way. We used to hear this statement from older people who are usually considered as those who are wiser, therefore, we shouldn’t argue with them. Nevertheless, there are people who label this point of view as completely misleading, because there are not any reasons to think that people lived formerly were more well-mannered or intelligible.

Speaking about me, I fully support the second idea. To tell the truth, I wholeheartedly hate the moments when you come to people who are older than you, for example, your mother’s friends or grandparents, and with high probability, you’re bound to take part in the discussion concerning modern teens.

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Firstly, I want to underline that nobody has a right to judge such a big group of people, especially when all his arguments are based on one occasion. There is a wise proverb saying that it is wrong to judge a flock by one sheep. Secondly, I am absolutely sure that the present generation doesn’t differ from the last one greatly. We all are extremely similar because as all teens we have almost the same problems and make the dame mistakes. But something has changed after the invention of the Internet. Our mistakes are more likely to be discovered foolishly and shown for a big public. While years ago everything was more personal, there was no risk that your personal photos would become a treasure for online users. Thirdly, to my mind, I think that teens now are more controlled either by society or government. As I said before there is a high risk that all bad things you’ve ever done before would become known. Apart from it a lot of laws and rules regulating smoking or selling alcohol beverages have appeared.

However, there are people who do not share this opinion. To their minds, people have changed to the worse, so today’s teens have nothing in common with the previous generation. These people say that now youngsters are not used to working hard because they have never faced a hard situation like a war or crisis. Teenagers of modernity are known as lazy and indifferent individuals who can only ask their parents for a new car or iPhone model. As life philosophy changes, so do people. That’s what they say when it comes to a new generation. Their pyramid of values has changed due to the changed in life conditions, so they label ‘wealth’ as the main things in life. Everything they want is limited to making a fortune. As an example, people usually give popular rappers who sing about alcohol and a big bag of money.

I cannot agree with this point of view completely. As I said before it is misleading to judge the whole generation by several rappers. In addition, we actually do not know anything about the life of these ‘singers’ so maybe they have worked a lot to get everything they have now while their lyrics are only tricks to catch listener’s attention. Even if we turn to a statistic of criminals among teens of the previous generations we’ll find out that not all was as peaceful as they say.

In conclusion, I want to underline that the modern generation is not as bad and lazy as it is claimed. Maybe our opinions concerning some things are not similar to those that was years ago but it doesn’t define us as a root of all evil.

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