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Childhood is the safest period of human life + письмо (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Childhood is the safest period of human life.

People have always found topics to discuss and to argue about, and one of them is the question whether the childhood is the most secure period of each human's life or not.

What concerns me, this is usually not true. My first reason in thinking so is that there are orphans who have no parents to protect them and give them shelter, which results in children's complete vulnerability to others. My second reason is that there are always bullies and offenders which sometimes can do horrible things with ones they do not like, and excruciate them both mentally and physically. My final reason is that children can also be abused and hurt by adults, especially pedophiles and maniacs.

However, this opinion does happen to have its complete opposite.

People who maintain this point of view claim, for instance, that childhood is all the same the most simple part of person's life, regardless of most difficulties. Moreover, these people also assume that children are not so much endangered as someones think because there is a strong law which guards youth from such people.

Notwithstanding that, I think that this point of view is completely false as in reality there are many ways to cheat the law, especially if the ones who broke it are rich. Besides, there may be an unpredictable twist of fate which can ruin youngster's life from early age, and this is by no means a safe or easy childhood.

To conclude my reasoning, I would like to emphasize that childhood may be carefree, but rarely safe as there are many ruthless and unprincipled people who can destroy child's life.




Dear Edward,

I am glad to hear from you once again! It has been a long time since our last conversation, don't you think?

In your letter you were asking me about national hobbies. Well, as for me, different nations do indeed have their unique hobbies - for example, Norwegians collect items thrown by sea to the shores, and French people like to travel by train. What concerns Russians, our people have developed hobbies of going to the country and making saltings. As for our family, we like to gather old stuff and give it a new life, like repairing old TVs and rare cameras.

By the way, you have mentioned your exam earlier. What exam did you pass? Was it difficult for you? How long did it take you to pass it?

Well, that is all I would like to ask you for this moment. Hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,



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