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Задания 39 и 40. Education is the most valuable thing for a teenager (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

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39. Moscow



Dear Peter,

Thank you for your recent letters. I’m glad to receive your letter again. Sorry, I didn’t write you because I was very busy with my exams.

You asked me interesting questions and I’m ready to answer them. Reading is really important to me because it’s my hobby and it helps me to relax.

I like to spend my free time reading different books, talking to my friends and learning foreign languages. You know, my parents always support me in my interests and hobbies.

As I know, you celebrated your father’s birthday. Where did you celebrate it? Was it fun? Does your father like to celebrate his birthday?

Sorry, my mum asks me to help my brother with his homework.

Keep in touch.

Best wishes,



There is a controversial topic about the most important thing for teens. Some people think that it is education. But at the same time, others would not agree with them.

I hold the view that the most valuable thing for teenagers is education. Firstly, it plays an important role in life of everyone. Your job and salary depend on your education. You cannot get a well-paid job if you do not have a good education. Secondly, if a person is educated he or she is smart and can give a talk on different topics. Therefore, this person is interesting for other people.

Despite that, there is an opposite point of view. My opponents insist that teenagers have other things that are important for them. For example, some teens spend most of their time on playing computer games or going to parties because it is their hobbies. These things are more valuable than education for them.

I am afraid, I can deny this argument. Such hobbies as playing computer games and going to parties do not develop teenagers’ brains, cannot help them achieve success in life, contrary to education. Personally I think that teens should spend their time on studying instead of wasting time on useless hobbies.

To sum up, I want to say that although there are different points of view on this topic, I think that education is the most important thing for teens.

Оценка эксперта:

Задание 39.

Ответ на 3 вопрос не распространен.




Задание 40.

К1 - содержание.

Аспект 6 - стиль. Лучше не использовать You/Your. Это нарушает нейтральный стиль.

К2 - организация.

Последний абзац - очень коротко. Лучше не писать в одно предложение, а распространить.

К3 - лексика.

Грубых лексических ошибок нет.

К4 - грамматика.

These things are more valuable than education for them.These things are more valuable for them than education .

help them achieve(to achieve)

К5 - орфография и пунктуация.

if a person is educated he or she is smart(запятая после части с if, перед he)






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