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Work in pairs. Ask your friend questions about his style of life and answer his questions. Decide what people must do to be in good health (Школьные сочинения)

ГДЗ по английскому языку; Rainbow English; 5-й класс; Рабочая тетрадь; Unit 3; упр. 11; стр. 49.

Вариант ответа №1 (развёрнутый диалог)

– Hi, Alex!

– Hi, Stephen!

– Yesterday I watched a very useful television programme about a healthy life style. I want to talk to you about it.

– That's a good idea!

– So, can you say that your life style is healthy?

– Well, I can't say it is very healthy, but I do a lot of things to keep fit and not to get ill.

For example, I always keep regular hours: I get up early in the morning and go to bed before midnight. If I stay up late, I start to feel tired and uncomfortable. When I get up, I do my morning exercises because they give me energy. I also try to move a lot during the day: I spend much time outdoors walking, running and playing active games with my friends. And what about you? Do you find your life style healthy?

– I really don't know. I seldom keep regular hours but I try to keep to a healthy diet.

– And what is that diet like? What do you eat and drink?

– I never eat out because I think that food in cafes and restaurants can be bad for my health. I cook at home with my mother. We usually have a lot of vegetables, fruit, meat and milk on our table. We also drink juice every day.

– Do you do any sport?

– Yes, I enjoy cycling and swimming.

– So, what do you think people should do to be in good health?

– I think they should do all the things that we just talked about and also be in a good mood.

– I agree with you. See you tomorrow!

– Bye!

Вариант ответа №2 (краткий диалог)

– Do you keep regular hours?

– No, I don't. I get up and go to sleep at different times every day.

– Do you do morning exercises?

– Yes, I do. They help me feel happier and more active in the morning?

– Do you keep to a diet?

– No, I don't. I eat almost everything that I want. But I try not to eat fat food and not to drink Coca-Cola.

– Do you do sport?

– Yes, I do. I like to spend my free time playing football and volleyball with my friends.

– What must people do to stay in good health?

– They must keep regular hours, eat healthy food and move a lot during the day.


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