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Science is the first thing to be financed in the modern world example 2020 (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The issue of financing science is very topical nowadays. Some people considered that is the most important way to improve the economical system, while others do not think so.

As for me, I am convinced that it develops the knowledge and experience of production, and I have some arguments to prove my point of view. Firstly, the more scientists will finance the science, the easier it will be to solve global situations. Secondly, it improves the knowledge of employees of different spheres, which can help to create the best products which are demanded by some people. Thirdly, financing science can help to avoid mistakes in fabrication of goods and services, which can improve the economic system.

However, there is an opposite opinion that science is not the effective way, which can be financed in the modern world.

Some people consider that the science has too doubtful information, which can change the structure of systems in the bad way. Moreover, the science is very necessary only in medical sphere as it can be the important problem in some countries.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with this opinion as I do not share the thought that studying science can be useless nowadays. Financing Science helps to find out about structure of system of the world, and it helps people to have fresh ideas in creating new goods. Certainly science helps to improve the imagination of new medicaments which can reduce the amount of diseases.

To sum up, I would like to say that studying science can improve the quality of life. To my mind, It is necessary for all spheres primarily, not only financial.


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