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Online shopping (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, online shopping is no news to anyone. People buy online, order items of clothing, shoes and more. Moreover, it is very convenient in the current epidemiological situation in the world. People can measure clothes and give them back if they don’t suit them. Now people even buy food products online. Bags of food are brought to people by couriers. For example, I recently ordered a cord for a guitar through an online store. Many people like online shopping for many reasons. Firstly, no need to leave the house. You need to carry out just a few operations on the Internet. Secondly, everyone is very afraid of the virus, and online shopping eliminates the risk of infection.

Thirdly, online shopping is very convenient for mothers with young children, whom you will not take with you to the store. However, do online shopping have any flaws? Of course, does. For example, when a courier is late. And you sit waiting for him and you can’t go out anywhere or go to sleep. Sometimes the courier doesn’t arrive for several days. Another minus is that you cannot walk around the store, touch and see things at once. They must be ordered and waited. The third disadvantage is that many items have risen in price. For example, I recently ordered paints through an online store. I was surprised at the greatly increased prices for this. Of course, I still ordered paints, because there is nothing more to do. Shops are closed. In conclusion, I can say that despite the disadvantages of online shopping, in the current epidemiological situation, people will still order and buy online. Despite the prices and inconveniences of online shopping, people should eat and buy clothes and shoes.


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