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Shopping online is better than shopping in the mall + письмо (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It goes without saying that people have different opinions about online and offline shopping. Some people believe that the best way of shopping is buying things in the internet. Others suppose that the real shopping is mush better that the online one.

From my point of view, shopping online is the best way of shopping. Firstly, you can buy everything you want without leaving your house. It is really amazing, because after shopping online you will not be as tired as after shopping in the mall. Secondly, you can buy there not only clothes, you can also order some food online. It is really comfortable and useful for those, who do not want to exit their home and for lazy people.

Nonetheless, there are people, who strongly believe that online shopping is really hard for using. They think that online shop will treat you and your order will not come or it will be different size.

So, it is better to go to the mall and do shopping there.

However, I cannot agree with them, because nowadays every second teenager do shopping online from the other countries. But if your order will not come of it will be different size, you can write to a seller and he will return your money.

In conclusion, I am completely convinced that online shopping is better than shopping in the mall, because it is twenty first century and online shops are getting more and more simple for people. (245)



April, 2, 2020

Dear Jenny,

I’m really happy to get your letter and should apologize for not writing to you so long.

In your letter you asked me about school subjects. As for me, the most difficult subject at school is French. I don’t understand it at all. We have different facilities for science and other subjects in our school. For example: different materials for chemical, physics and biological experiments. To get ready for a test, I usually watch educational videos, read books, do online tests.

In your letter you’ve mentioned your sister’s exams. Were her exams hard or not? How long did she get ready for her exams? Did she pass the other levels of the exam?

Sorry, I have to go to do my homework. Write me back as soon as possible.




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