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Domestic appliances improved the quality of our life (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

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There is a controversial topic about domestic appliances. Some people think that their life has become better due to them. But at the same time, others do not agree with this opinion.

I hold the view that household appliances make our life better. Firstly, we have more free time because we do not have to do most of household chores. We do not wash our clothes with our hands because we have washing machines. Secondly, nowadays people do not have to use great physical effort doing household chores. They do not wash a lot of dishes with their hands after family dinners. People use dishwashers.

Despite that, there is an opposite point of view. My opponents insist that domestic appliances make our life worse.

For example, household appliances can break down and a person will not be able to clean his or her house, wash clothes and so on. Also, people do not have enough physical activity due to the fact that household appliances perform house cleaning, washing and other household chores for them. As a result, people begin to suffer from excess weight and their health deteriorates.

I am afraid, I could deny these arguments. To start with, modern domestic appliances are high quality. But even in the case they break down, broken appliances can be repaired in a short time. What about the second argument, people spend their free time that they have because of household appliances on doing sports and improving their health.

To sum up, I want to say that although there are different opinions on this topic, I think that home appliances have changed the quality of our life for the better.

Оценка эксперта:

К1 - содержание.Хорошо подобраны аргументы.

К2 - организация.Эссе построено логически верно.

К3 - лексика.

What about the second argument(as for the second...)


most of household chores(most of the..)

to use great physical effort doing household chores(effort in doing)

are high quality(are of high quality/qualitative)

К5 - орфография и пунктуация.

wash clothes and so on.(запятая перед and so on)

washing and other household chores(запятая перед other)

But even in the case(вводная конструкция, выделяется запятой)

В целом:






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