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Answer these questions about the plant world and the animal world of Russia (Школьные сочинения)

ГДЗ по английскому языку; Rainbow English; 5-й класс; Unit 6; Step 4; упр. 7; стр. 110.

A. The plant world

1) The plant world of Russia is very rich. We have many different trees, bushes and flowers and also a lot of grass.

2) Plants make our country more beautiful because all of them are very pleasant to look at.

3) Plants also make our country a healthier place because they clean the air and fill it with useful things.

4) The place where I live is very rich in forests. Around my town there are thick forests that extend for hundreds of kilometres in all directions.

5) I do not grow any plants but my parents and grandparents do. They grow plants in our garden in the country. They grow different flowers, vegetables and fruit. My favourite plant in the garden is the tall apple tree.

6) To make out country green and beautiful, we must protect forests and try to grow plants in our own gardens.


The animal world

1) The animal world of our country is very rich because our country is very large and its different parts lie in different climates.

2) Wild animals live in the forests, in the fields and in the mountains. Some of them build special small houses, others just find holes in the ground where they can keep their food and sleep.

3) If you want to see the reindeer, you should travel to the north of Russia. And if you want to see the tiger, you should go to the eastern part of our country – to the Far East.

4) Bears usually live in the forests but they try to choose places near rivers and lakes because they like to catch and eat fresh fish.

5) Elks live in the forests because it would be difficult for them to move in the mountains.

6) Hares, foxes and wolves live in the forests. Many of them use ground holes as their homes.

7) In the place where I live there are a lot of wild animals: foxes, wolves, bears, squirrels. Foxes, wolves and bears come near our town when they are hungry. Sometimes wolves eat people's dogs. As for squirrels, some of them live right in the town parks and we feed them when we go for a walk.

8) The favourite heroes of fairy tales and fables are wolves, foxes, bears and hares. We call wolves and bears strong, foxes – sly, hares – weak and clever.


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