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Problems of the environment (Школьные сочинения)

Each time, when mankind developed and came up with new technologies, more and more environmental problems appeared on our planet, and now these problems have become more serious. In today's world, environmental problems threaten a global catastrophe, which it will be difficult for us, people, to prevent. But if we do not take the necessary measures to improve the situation, then we will continue to be in danger.

First of all, you need to understand that the life of the planet is in our hands. Only we can extend it for as long as possible, if we stop thinking only about ourselves and begin to help with what we can. At least, stop using plastic. This is probably the least that can be done.

But, unfortunately, many people think that nothing depends on one person, and therefore only a few continue to struggle with the difficulties that people themselves create.

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But in fact, the future of all people depends on each candy wrapper, each package. Therefore, we should stop being so frivolous and take it seriously, otherwise we will be worse.

From childhood, people need to be taught to respect and protect nature, they need to be taught to understand that each of us depends on how much more humanity will live and in what conditions. Every child and adult must understand that one cannot be so indifferent to the environment, because they themselves can suffer if they continue to inhumanly destroy our large house.

What awaits us if we do not stop destroying the Earth? Anything can happen. Global warming, pollution, extinction of animals, plants; can be listed for a long time, but from this all the conclusion - all of humanity will suffer, including the entire planet.

If someone thinks that it will not affect them, because the worst will not start soon, then this is not so. The planet already reminds us that everything is getting worse every year. Animals die out, some lands become unsuitable for life, minerals end. What awaits us next?

It remains only to guess and hope that people will change their minds and take up our ecology, because we were given a great chance, but gradually we lose it because of our own stupidity.

The only thing we can do is do our best and extend it to others, urge them to stop destroying what is given to us. This problem is very important for all of us and you can’t just take it and forget about it, so you should talk about such things as much as possible and pay great attention to this.

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