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Problems at work. Roots and possible solutions. (IELTS) (Школьные сочинения)

Bribery, abuse and discrimination are the most common problems which people face at work in Russian companies. This essay will address these examples of wrongdoing and propose solutions.

To begin with, accepting bribes causes emergence of privileges for dishonest people. This action leads to inequality among the company's staff or customers and has a negative influence on relationships between colleagues and firm reputation.

The only solution here, it seems, is to adopt regulations regarding fight against corruption. In addition, compliance with these laws should be checkable and companies violating rules must be punished.

Another typical problem is sexual and emotional abuse. As an example, the president of a firm may be abusing his position by getting a workforce to do things for him. In my opinion, it would be a good idea to enforce regular moral conversations with seniors managers. Also, it is worth a try to provide an office with glass walls and open doors. In this case, the activity of all firm personnel will be monitored and controlled by each person in the company.

The last issue under consideration is discrimination. People are most often confront sexism in the Russian labour market. If an employer has to choose between a man and a woman with equal abilities, it is most likely that a man will be hired, because he does not require, for instance, unexpected maternity leave. The situation can be improved if the labour legislation has introduced recruitment standards controlling the percentage of male and female staff of the firm.

In conclusion, I can notice that the roots of all the listed problems are human nature. Mankind has always suffered from greed, dishonour and other sins. In the civilized world, people must fight this with law and order to make each individual more content with life.


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