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Answer these questions about your free time (Школьные сочинения)

ГДЗ по английскому языку; Rainbow English; 5-й класс; Unit 4; Step 1; упр. 2; стр. 5.

Вариант ответа №1

1. I usually go home after school, have lunch, do my homework and then go out with my friends. If there is no homework, I leave after lunch. If the weather is bad, I spend all evening at home.

2. I like to be with my friends because it is more fun. If I cannot meet them, I chat with them online.

3. If my parents are busy, I spend my free time on my own or with my friends. I also like to go and visit my grandparents or cousins. If my parents have some free time too, we like to be together.

4. My favourite activities are reading books and watching TV. I enjoy reading interesting books about nature and watching football matches with my father.


If I meet my friends after school, we usually go to the sports ground or to the shops. Sometimes we go to a cafe to have something tasty.

6. I always find time to help my parents about the house. I take out the trash, wash up, walk our dog and feed our fish in the fishbowl.

7. I have a dog named Zhuchka and three big fish in a fishbowl. I love them all very much and look after them every day. I must take the dog out for walks and feed the fish.

8. I would like to take up learning Spanish. I like how that language sounds and I also find it very useful.

Вариант ответа №2

1. It depends on many things like my mood, the weather outside, the size of the homework the teacher gave us. But I usually stay at home because when I come back from school I feel very tired.

2. I prefer to be on my own. I use my time to read books and watch TV programmes.

3. I like to spend my free time with my family – with my parents and my elder sister. Sometimes I go to my grandparents.

4. In my free time I read books, watch TV and draw pictures. I also like to take beautiful photos and post them on the Internet.

5. When I am with my friends we usually speak about our homework or about computer games. If the weather is good, we walk around our town and have fun together.

6. I have a lot of homework every day but I always try to find time to help my parents. I clean the floors, dust the shelves, boil the kettle and feed our animals.

7. I have three pets at home: a cat, a dog and a little rabbit. I look after them, play with them and make sure they are healthy.

8. I like music very much and dream of learning to play the guitar or the piano. I think it is very interesting and pleasant.


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