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Shopping online is better than shopping in the mall пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

A lot of people believe that it is much better to buy food and other things online than in the mall. So there are people who don't agree with this

Personally, I suppose that shopping in the online shop is much more profitable than in the mall. Firstly, in the webstore you can buy things at a low price. In addition to this, you can use coupons or points, which are common in oline-stores. Thanks to this your price will be less. Secondly, with help of the webstore you can buy any food, which quickly delivered to your home. Also in online stores you can sell products and get paid for it. Many people do business in online stores

However, there are some people who have an opposing opinion. They say that things from online stores are to usually not quality good and often do not come in size.

Not to mention the fact that products may not come. In addition to these foods ordered online is not always.There is also a chance to meet a fraudster on the Internet, which can deceive you and do not send the goods after payment. Also, some consider it impractical to order food in online stores because of the risk of its poor quality

I am afraid I can not agree with the opponent arguments. This nowadays the network of online shop is quickly developing. Things and food are less and less of poor quickly last, but not the least if product do not come you can request a refund of money. Many States are fighting hard against fraudsters and every year the use of online stores is becoming more reliable and safer for customers. And the quality of food is being watched more closely every year than before.

In conclusion, I can say that indeed it is better to buy goods in online stores than in the mall., It gives every (goods) an opportunity to buy product cheaper, also find goods based on your preference.In contrast to ordinary stores where not always there are things that you need to do. Also, many people may simply not be able to buy things in regular stores, for example, because of health or lack of free time. That is why online stores in my opinion the best choice for buying things, food and other necessary goods.

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