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Studying online is more interesting than studying at school (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays distance education via the Internet is becoming more and more popular. Some people believe that remote studying is more fascinating than traditional school classes, while others hold an opposite view.

In my opinion, online education is more interesting than obtaining knowledge and skills at school. Firstly, teenagers can learn about the newest technologies and the latest achievements in science in a short time and firsthand which makes the studying more exciting. Secondly, adolescents can choose a studying program from many options according to their hobbies and interests. It means that they would be completely involved and interested in the educational process. Finally, multimedia content and learning materials are more attractive for teenagers.

However, some people argue that studying at school is more fascinating.

They are convinced that it provides young people with live communication which is necessary to them. In classes students can discuss different topics or take part in heated debates with their classmates. Nevertheless, I cannot agree with the above-mentioned opinion. Teenagers can still communicate with their friends and discuss controversial questions via social networking sites or using web cameras.

In conclusion, although some people doubt the fascination of E-learning, I still believe that it is more interesting than traditional education at school.


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