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How can teachers encourage their students to succeed? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

A big amount of people would agree that a good teacher can affect a child's life very much. But being a good teacher is a difficult job and great responsibility as young people who do not like school may be lazy and even rude sometimes. But if teacher is kind, strict and creative, this is not a problem.

First of all, a kind teacher can convince their students to study harder by showing them that they need to be successful. As example, such teachers should not make their students feel uncomfortable for not knowing the subject or something else, and eventually, students will not be too shy to ask something they do not know. And finally, a strict teacher will encourage their students to work harder and better: for instance, teacher should always check out if the homework has been done properly.

However, the rest of people think another way.

Firstly, they claim that the students must work all by themselves and it does not depend on what their teacher is. Finally, in many cases they are also strongly sure that every pupil must be punished hardly in case if he or she does not know something necessary about the subject.

But at any rate, I do not agree with that point of view. I can not see any meaning in the excess strictness regarding pupils. Such measures can only lead to disobedience and make students harden in response to that.

To sum everything up, I would like to restate that too strict measures used to students must be temperate and moderate because too rigid education system will only make them hate the school.


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