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At present there is no difficulty in finding a good job (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays some persons think, that it is quite easy to find a good and well-paid job... Someone supposes, that it is true, but their opponents have another personal opinion.

Personally, I disagree that, at present, there is no difficulty in finding an excellent well-paid job with extremely high salary. Firstly, in time of high employment with more people chasing fewer workplaces, it becomes extremely difficult to find a well-paid job. Unfortunately, even highly qualified professionals suffer from unemployment... Moreover, finding an excellent well-paid job is only possible for people with higher education? For example, bachelor or master degree, but it is not easy to enter the university or the college or some high school and successfully finish them.

Nevertheless, there are people, who have the other point of view. They think, that clever, active and full of energy persons can easily find a good well-paid job. They can get an employment very and very quickly.

Although, I can not agree with my wrong opponents’ opinion. I suppose, that there are a lot of talented, clever, smart , qualified , hardworking and high-graduated people. The competition between them for workplaces and good high salary is very and very strong and cruel. Some employers like always organize many different difficult tests and a lot of long cases for their potential employees to check their professional competence and to understand , what they know, what they do not know , what they can do and what they can not do.

In conclusion, I honestly want to say, that now it is so and so difficult to find a good well-paid job. A lot of even clever, talented, smart, hardworking, high-graduated, qualified , kind and brave persons should try very and very hard to get it. This is only my personal opinion and I stick to it.


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