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You are going to give a talk about pollution (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

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Speaking about pollution, I regret to say that this topic has become an important part of the informational space. A lot of people all over the world are deeply concerned with the problem of air and water pollution, because no one remains unaffected by it no matter where they live.

Both air pollution and water pollution are extremely dangerous. For example, contamination of water results in limited access of people to clean water and a rise in its price. Those people who for various reasons cannot get clean water and have to drink polluted water start to suffer from different diseases.

If people want to live a pleasant and healthy life on our planet and preserve it for the future generations, they have to take urgent action. One of the solutions is to become more responsible consumers by reading more about ecology and environmental issues.

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In other words, we should take care not only of ourselves, but also about the nature around us.

As far as my personal attitude to the problems of environmental pollution is concerned, I think that they need to be solved without delay if we do not want to deal with very serious consequences. I also believe that governments of different countries must do more for the environment instead of economizing on it.

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Air and water are two things that people cannot live without. That's why their quality is a matter of primary importance if we are talking about ecology and the environment.

Although the problem of water pollution is not being discussed much, it is really very important and requires immediate action, because its long-term consequences can be very negative. For instance, polluted and poisoned water kills the fish living in it, which gradually destroys the whole ecosystems of rivers, lakes, seas, etc. One more threat is that contaminated water has a bad influence on the health of the people who drink it.

What can people do to prevent all this from happening? A number of solutions have already been suggested. To name just a few, we must become more economical consumers, practice separate waste collection, promote love for nature and take part in various environmentally-oriented events and activities.

My personal opinion is that governments should become more involved in such activities too. At the moment, in many parts of the world, the authorities are only pursuing their mercenary ambitions without thinking about the future of their countries in terms of ecological well-being.

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