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Говорение. Задание 3. Task 3. You are going to give a talk about learning foreign languages (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Вариант 1

I am going to give a talk about learning foreign languages. Learning foreign languages has a lot of advantages in the modern world. If you know some language or languages in addition to your native one, you can communicate with people from abroad, read books and watch movies from different countries in the original. Moreover, this knowledge increases your chances to build a successful career.

Nowadays, the most widely spoken language in the world is English. It is actively used in such spheres as natural science, medicine, economy, politics, etc. It is also very important to speak English if you plan to deal with information technologies. All this explains the tremendous popularity of the English language today. In developed countries, you can only rarely find a person who does not know English.

In order to join the English-speaking community, a lot of people are eagerly learning English these days – either on their own or with a teacher.

As for me, I read books, watch educational and funny videos on YouTube and also chat with my friends from other countries. These methods help me achieve good results in learning foreign languages.

Вариант 2

There is a wise Chinese proverb saying that to learn another language is to have one more window from which to look at the world. This proverb is a perfect description of what foreign languages give us. With their help, we communicate with interesting people, travel the world, learn a lot of new things and just broaden our horizons. Therefore, learning foreign languages is really very important.

When it comes to choosing a language to learn, many go for English. And that is not a coincidence, because English opens doors almost in any sphere. It is widely used in science, medicine, economic and political life, literature, media, etc. In other words, if you know English, you have access to unlimited amounts of information.

So, English is undoubtedly an extremely popular language. What is important is that still more people are trying to learn it today in order to join the English-speaking community. I think that one of the reasons for such great popularity of English is its relative simplicity – you do not need a lot of time and effort to remember its basics.

As for me, I follow a few tips when I am learning a language. First, I learn it every day. Second, I make notes. Third, I create the so-called linguistic environment by listening to songs, watching videos, and reading the news in the original. These methods help me achieve good results.


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