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Fiction is becoming less and less important for teenagers (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is common knowledge today,that the Internet can replace many useful things.Therefore some people consider,that reading fiction is becoming less and less important for teenagers.But others are sure,that reading is an indispensable part in person's life.Who is right?

I believe,that reading fiction is really becoming less and less important for teenagers,because there are many reasons and facts for this.Firstly,our generation does not prefer to go to the library,read home books or ask friends for them,since these affairs are so boring for them.For example,they would rather watch a movie on TV or chat with friends in social networks.Secondly,sometimes teenagers do not have much time to read some fiction.For instance,nowadays they learn a lot of homework, go to clubs, communicate with friends and ,of course, play sports, keep fit,because it is so useful and popular in our time.And the last,those plots,which many fictions have,can be uninteresting and not exciting for them.after all, modern teenagers do not always like to read protracted texts about love and war,revenge and generosity,because they have not yet experienced such events and can not realize their essence.

However,there are people,who are sure,that any fiction wiil never be uninteresting for teenagers.Moreover,parents should force children to read fiction at any cost.

But i cannot agree with them,since a person should make his or her own choice,especially if it is about reading books.

In conclusion i want to say,that reading fiction is becoming less and less important for teenagers.Maybe, they just haven't found a book that can attract them.


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