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Reading fiction is becoming less and less important for teenagers пример (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Reading is one of the most interesting entertainments for teenagers. Some people think that it is important for young people to reed books. Others claim that more and more teens do not take interest in fiction nowadays.

In my opinion, modern children are not keen on reading nowadays. To begin with, teens prefer watching TV to reading books, because TV does not require a deep mental process. When people watch TV, they do not develop their mind, they just stare on the bright monitor, turning off the brain. Reading requires concentration and attention, and watching TV does not. Moreover, another thing that distract teenagers from reading is social nets. Young people have an opportunity to keep in touch with each other and chat regularly.

They spend almost all their free time in the internet, that is why teenagers do not have some spare time for reading.

However, other people believe that young people are enthusiastic about books. They are sure that teenagers still visit libraries and read fiction there. Teenagers enjoy reading in a quite place and it is still important for young people.

I completely disagree with there people, because it is not the news that libraries are dying every year. People stopped going to the library to take a book, because new technologies replaced this kind of institution. Many teenagers even do not know about existing libraries.

To sum up, there are many points of view about this statement. Despite other people’s opinion, I still believe that reading among young people is not significant anymore, because there are many distractions like social nets and TV.


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