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Studying foreign languages is a waste of time and money (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

It is not uncommon to hear that language skills give you a lot of advantages. However, some people claim that obtaining foreign languages is not worth spending time and money on.

I support the first point of view. First and foremost, knowledge of foreign languages is a valuable skill, which allows you to get a higher-paid job and climb up the career ladder faster. Moreover, language proficiency broadens your mind and helps you master other subjects. This multi-purpose exercise is worth expending energy in. Importantly, language acquisition helps you better understand peculiarities of the target-language and its culture, whereas cultural awareness features a respected educated person.

However, learning languages may seem to be a waste of time and financial resources.

For a start, our only national language is Russian, so many school-leavers might not need any command of other languages at all. Moreover, modern information technologies provide a translation of any text into Russian. Due to computer assistance, there is no need to learn and keep in mind thousands of words or pay for courses, books and tutors.

I do not fully agree with my counterparts. Although we can get away with just Russian, our country is an integral part of global culture. Foreign languages are essential in many areas, such as business communication, tourism and science. Truly enough, computer translation is available nowadays, but its quality often leaves to be desired. Besides, it cannot help in emergency situations or important business negotiations.

Consequently, studying foreign languages gives you plenty of advantages and is definitely a wise investment. It is essential if you want to develop your personality and have a successful career.


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