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Should filmgoers rely on reviews when choosing a film to see (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays film industry has become a part of our lives. A dozen of movies are released every month. It gets harder and harder to choose the one to see. Facing the trouble of choice some people prefer to relay on reviews , but is it right decision ?

I believe that filmgoers should ignore reviews from critics as they are subjective and hardly depend on a person's preferences. There is no guaranty that they are similar to yours . Moreover, nowadays not all reviews are honest, recommendation posts can be paid by creators of the film in order to increase the popularity of the film and the number of the viewers. Also it might be financed by competitors who might try to push people away from the film for their own benefit.

In addition, seeing a film yourself gives you the opportunity to manage your own opinion about it.

However, some people say that film reviews can help you to save money if you only choose films with positive marks . Secondly, they prefer to ignore movies with negative reviews to avoid bad experience and lose of time and money.

As for me, I disagree with this point of view because I have seen films that had bad reviews and I did not agree with the critics.In addition, I think that you do not waste your money if the film is bad , you build a taste in cinematography.

To sum up, my opinion is that cinema preference is a very personal thing and you need to make a choice to relay on reviews or not by yourself. Because exploring this big cinema and making conclusions according to your feelings is so much more interesting and entertaining than depending on unknown person's opinion.


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